About the Galleries

Artist-run galleries located in the historic gold rush town of Volcano, CA.

Volcano Gallery West is a well-located, cozy, and freestanding Gallery space on Main Street in Volcano, Ca, in the heart of the California Gold Country and adjacent to the original Volcano Gallery. It is ideal for art exhibitions, curated projects, creating a short-term showroom for craft or design, for curators seeking an alternative venue, for art classes or similar uses. The 140 sq. foot gallery is secured to the stacked rock foundation of an historical building from the 1800’s, The Mustang Saloon, which served as the residence for both a noted daguerrotypist and Chinese apothecary during the peak of the California Gold Rush in the 1850’s .

The original Volcano Gallery has been in operation since 1989. Volcano Gallery West is available for monthly rental for shows of local, regional and or indigenous artists. 

Both galleries are adjacent to the beloved Volcano Theater Company outdoor amphitheater, and near to Chaw’se Indian Grinding Rock Park and Black Chasm Cavern.

Victoria Hall:   vickihall09@gmail.com
Chris Whitefield:   volcanogallerywest@gmail.com

Come Visit Volcano

The town of Volcano in Amador County, California is home to two historic hotels, restaurants, a handful of small shops, a theatre company, an art gallery and approximately 100 or so residents. A charming hamlet now, Volcano was once a booming gold rush-era town boasting more than 10,000 residents. Today, Volcano is a popular vacation destination, surrounded by over 70 wineries, unique finds, and places to stay. The town is named for its setting in a bowl-shaped valley which early gold miners thought was caused by a volcano.

There is a Bakery, General Store, Antique and Curio Store, Indoor Theater, Outdoor Park, Armory Hall, Saloon, Inn and highly rated restaurants all within two blocks.

The gallery is -3 miles from highway 88, near:

Black Chasm Cavern– caverntours.com/black-chasm-cavern-national-natural-landmark,

Indian Grinding Rock (Chaw’se) State Park-(https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indian_Grinding_Rock_State_Historic_Park)

Cozy modernized space

The gallery provides a convenient and simple art suspension system.

  • Desirable location on the east end of Main Street, across from the historic St. George Hotel. The Gallery is flanked by the original Volcano Gallery to the left and the celebrated Volcano Theater Company Amphitheater to the right. 
  • Increased foot traffic along Main Street during the Fall and Spring, and on theater performance days and evenings, due to the four-season Repertory of the Volcano Theater Company, volcanotheatre.net, and the natural attractions so closely situated to downtown Volcano.
  • Well maintained public restroom and water source across the street.
  • Well-lit 140 sq feet of floor space with full 10 foot and 14 foot wall, as well as other wall/display area.
  • Wall heating.
  • Lovely shaded storefront outdoor space with picnic table.

Volcano Gallery West
16105 Main Street, Volcano, CA